Learning Spanish translates well in Costa Calida

Although Brits are renowned for their reluctance to learn a new language, the prospect is far more appealing when it comes with the attractions of Murcia.

Embarrassment remains a key factor for many in avoiding the task of attempting to speak a new language and the reality is that some remain simply too lazy to attempt it, knowing that their welcoming hosts will probably speak far better English than a few broken words of Spanish.

Many would argue that any embarrassment should be felt when not even attempting to speak a few words to someone in their own language when visiting their country, even when they are happy to welcome guests in English.

But in Murcia, the exciting opportunity is waiting for all visitors to immerse themselves in the culture and the language with courses starting from a one-week taster, to a more in-depth stay incorporating conversational skills and more advanced communication and phrases.

A spokesperson said: “People in the region of Murcia are warm and friendly and it is always a pleasure to help our guests learn our language – even when it is just a few words.

“But we have several fun and interesting language courses throughout the region where our visitors can improve their Spanish, as well as enjoying the many attractions here.”

For details on language courses in Murcia, visit: www.murciaturistica.es/en/spanish_learning/

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