Cruise beneath the sea with Scenic Eclipse world-class submarine

Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts, will offer guests the ultimate underwater experience on board Scenic Neptune – a U Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 – and unique access to some of nature’s most beautiful sites.

Capable of diving to a depth of 300 metres with seating for up to six guests, Scenic Neptune has been custom-built for optimal sightseeing of marine wonders. From Greek underwater ruins to the kaleidoscopic coral reefs of the Caribbean, to witnessing whales, penguins, seals, walruses and other marine life in crystal clear polar waters – the adventures are endless.

Scenic Founder and Chairman, Glen Moroney said: “Scenic has always sought to venture beyond the horizon and with our submarine we provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled access to some of nature’s most beautiful marine environments. From inside Scenic Neptune, each guest will enjoy an uninterrupted view thanks to the strategic placement of all components and the use of an ultra-clear acrylic hull, expertly engineered to make you feel “at one” with the ocean.”

“The sub is able to do from 8 up to 12 dives per day, depending on the length of dive, giving as many guests as possible access to this unique opportunity,” said Mr Moroney. “Because the cabin is pressurized, there is also no need for a slow ascent or descent. One of the thrills for guests is a fast, upward journey where they pop out from below the ocean with a splash”.

Scenic Neptune is designed to meet international noise standards, and to provide unmatched comfort, space and style, with maximum legroom and headroom while keeping overall weight and size to a minimum. Internal climate control and a surround sound music system form part of the fine detailing, together with the optimum ergo dynamics to facilitate ease of boarding and disembarking.

The design consists of a three-person pod on the front and at the back of the sub for a total of six guests plus the pilot, who is located behind the guests. The seats are mounted on a platform that can swivel 180 degrees to allow viewing from both sides of the submarine and strong exterior lights will allow guests to take in the colours and details of wrecks and other underwater sights.

The Scenic Eclipse fleet has been designed with a rating of Ice Class 1A Super (Polar Class 6), the highest of any luxury vessel, coupled with state of the art technology, GPS dynamic position, forward bow thrusters and an electronic Azipod propulsion system, allowing for safe navigation through all waters and sensitive marine environments.

The 168-metre discovery yacht, with a 21.5-metre (70.5 ft) beam, will include the latest innovations in naval design and technology for exploration in extreme environments, such as the Arctic and Antarctic coasts.

“Access to small ports and to the sensitive Polar regions are elements of the program development for Scenic Eclipse”, added Mr Moroney, “As such the technology we have put into the design and construction of our fleet is paramount. This is a ship Jules Verne would have loved for its capacity to reach destinations most people have only ever seen on TV documentaries”.

The design had to meet complex requirements to ensure the vessel could operate in the most demanding conditions and features custom-built stabilisers which are 50% larger than standard to ensure the vessel is more stable on the water. Combined with dynamic positioning technology it means Scenic Eclipse does not need to use anchors when stationery which is of particular important in polar areas or areas of marine significance as there is no impact on the ocean floor.

Other key design and innovation features include:

  • The Eclipse fleet is fuelled with Marine Gas Oil (MGO), which is the highest class of marine fuel, with the lowest concentration of sulphur and particulates. It is compatible with the strict emission requirements for cruising in polar regions
  • All critical system on the vessels have been duplicated – wheel house, generators, food preparation and storage – to ensure that the unlikely failure of any does not impact on the safety of the vessel or the enjoyment of guests
  • State of the art waste water system to ensure minimal impact on marine environment
  • Use of Azipod propulsion system resulting in lowest noise levels of any available system. They are also 12% more efficient than other equivalent systems
  • The Ice Class 1A Super (Polar Class 6) rating provides the Scenic Eclipse with a wider sphere of operations in polar regions as it does not require Icebreaker assistance
  • Eclipse now confirmed to sail January 26th 2018.  First voyage details here:


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