Brits are taking more trips to the USA than ever before

For many of us Brits taking a trip to the Big Apple, going to see the Hollywood sign and treating the kids to a holiday at Disney World is a lifelong dream. However, that’s not necessarily the case anymore.
New research out today, conducted by Ocean Florida, has revealed that the number of Brits looking to get a Non Immigrant Visa to the US has increased by 51% over the past seven years.
In 2010 the US Government revealed that a whopping 92,633 non immigrant US visas were issued to British citizens across the UK, but as the years have gone by, it’s been seen that in fact more Brits than ever have been travelling across the Atlantic, with an all time high of 140,188 tourist visas being granted in 2017 across Great Britain.
This means that the number of distributed visas has increased by 47,555 in a mere 7 years, working out as a colossal 151% rise in the number of Brits travelling to the US since 2010.
In fact throughout the past 7 years a grand total of 938,821 US tourist visas have been issued to Brits, which equates to nearly the entire population of Birmingham (Britain’s second largest city) holidaying to the US since 2010.
But just why are so many people choosing to holiday in the USA? One possible reason could be the strength of the dollar compared to the euro. It’s a known fact that us Brits love a bargain, and with British citizens consistently being able to get more for their money when it comes to the dollar vs the euro, it’s not hard to see the allure.
In fact in 2017 for every £1 spent, Brits were only able to obtain an average of €1.08, whilst the dollar did significantly better at $1.28.
Sabrina Hamilton of Ocean Florida says: “It’s interesting to see just how many more Brits are choosing to travel to the USA than ever before. 100 years ago only the wealthiest and most famous people within Britain would have had the luxury to jet off the US to sightsee for a week or two.
“Now couples, families and friends alike are holidaying in California, Florida, New York and more on a regular basis.
“With many families in particular choosing the States because of the magic of Disney and Universal Studios in Florida, we can certainly expect to see more and more people applying for non immigrant visas as both parks continue to expand and grow.
“With Universal in the process of building a spectacular new Harry Potter Forbidden Forest rollercoaster, and with Disney World working to unveil their highly anticipated Star Wars World, we can certainly expect to see more people than ever holidaying in the US over the next couple of years. After all who can resist a little magic or the promise of adventure in a galaxy far far away?”
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