Waterloo Bridge voted London’s most romantic road

They may have committed over 25,000 of the capital’s roads to memory, but London’s black cab drivers have named Waterloo Bridge as the city’s most romantic road.

A survey by non-for-profit taxi app TAXIAPP UK put black cab drivers’ world famous ‘Knowledge’ to the test and revealed Waterloo Bridge to be the city’s most romantic route, ahead of Albert Bridge in second place and The Mall in third (based on a sample of 22,000 drivers).

Waterloo Bridge, which leads onto London’s South Bank, was very popular with dates heading to iconic venues such as Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal National Theatre.

The area has long since been synonymous with romance. Released in 1967, The Kinks’ hit song Waterloo Sunset envisages two lovers meeting at Waterloo Station and lead singer Ray Davies used to cross Waterloo Bridge daily when he was a student at Croydon Art School.

Co-founder of co-operative TAXIAPP UK, Sean Paul Day, said: “Waterloo Bridge is positioned to see some of London best panoramic views. There’s a reason why the Kinks created Waterloo Sunset! Having transported thousands of passengers to and from dates we were determined to calculate the most romantic route in London – I think the results will come as a surprise to some! Our app is about bringing people together to support a modern collective economy, something we hope to take forward to the dating scene ”

Over 50% of drivers said London’s bridges over the Thames make up some of the city’s most romantic drives. Other popular spots included Little Venice and Bleeding Heart Yard in Farringdon, as well as London’s numerous ‘Love Lanes’.

When asked for the ‘romantic hidden gems’ 20% of the answers taxi drivers gave involved parks or gardens. More than half (60%) of respondents included locations next to the Thames.

Drivers were also asked where they most frequently drop couples heading to a date. While 66% said a restaurant was the most popular drop off spot for daters, just 16% said an iconic city site.

62% of drivers revealed they transport less then 5 people a week on dates, whilst 24% of drivers said they carry out more than 5.

66% of drivers concluded the most popular spots to drop/pick up customers travelling to or from a date in London was a restaurant followed by ‘an iconic London spot’.

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