Lowther Castle hosts Dragons & Chocolate

Dinosaurs may be long extinct but at Lowther Castle, one of the Lake District’s most spectacular visitor attractions, dragons are still laying eggs. And this March, once again Dragon Egg Hunt will be launched.

For the uninitiated, the Lowther Dragon Egg hunt involves clues, dragon eggs and chocolate throughout the gardens. In 2017 hundreds of dragon hunters, young and old, took part – no hatched dragons were encountered but a great deal of fun was had in the search. Participants were awarded a small chocolate prize.

Once the egg hunters have finished gallivanting through the gardens, they will be able to rest in the castle courtyard and admire Lowther’s Living Egg Sculpture: a huge Easter flower installation in the castle courtyard. Last year, this huge cast iron egg was planted with daffodils, white hyacinths and a host of other spring plants. The theme for 2018 is yet to be revealed but Sarah Husband – international florist and Lowther floral guru in residence – is bound to create something spell-binding.

Lowther Castle is rapidly gaining a name for itself as one of the most unusual and striking places to visit in England. It offers spectacular ruins to explore, acres of stunning gardens and woodland, a café that serves delicious food and a shop that sells delicious goodies. Lowther Castle also plays host to the lost castle – one of the biggest outdoor adventure playgrounds in the UK.

Dragons & Chocolate will run at Lowther Castle from 21st March – 19th April 2018.

For more information, please visit: www.lowthercastle.org

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