Incheon airport in South Korea upgrades ahead of the Winter Olympics

The main international airport in Seoul has just opened another terminal this week, while preparing to welcome more passengers into the country.


According to authorities, just three weeks before the beginning of the Winter Olympics, the airport’s capacity has been upgraded with a second terminal, in order for South Korea to cope with the increased number of visitors expected for the event.

As approximated by the officials, around 300.000 tourists will attend the Olympic Games, so the new terminal was finished just in time. Moreover, the upgrades will enable 18 million more passengers to transit the hub every year.

The Winter Olympics will take place between February 9th and February 25th, as Pyeongchang city will be directly connected with the airport through a high-speed railway infrastructure making the access easier for everyone.

“I think this new terminal is going to be a proud symbol for this country”, commented Chung Yu-Jeong, the first passenger going through the airport’s upgrades.

The new terminal expansion took 9 whole years to be constructed, while $4.6 billion were spent for the improvements. Nevertheless, the investments are considered to be necessary, as last year only, Incheon International Airport was transited by 62 million passengers and 2.9 million tonnes of cargo.

The figures place Incheon into the the world’s 20 busiest airports top. Moreover, the hub hosts four major airlines: Korean Air, Air France, Delta, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.



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