Holiday Hacks: Expert tips which will save you money in 2018

With 2018 now on the horizon, it’s time for those of us suffering with wanderlust to set our sights on Summer 2018 and booking the next adventure.

However, once you start booking flights, sourcing accommodation, planning trips and generally trying to save for the day to day costs of travelling, it can soon start to spiral out of control.

To help you make the most of your next adventure and take away some of the stress, Louis Bridger, General Manager at International Currency Exchanghas pulled together the handy money-saving hacks that every traveller needs to save some serious cash on holidays in 2018.

Book in privacy

When you are costing the price of flights, hotels and trips make sure that you set your browser to private. Travel sites have a sneaky way of tracking what you are looking at online and will increase the prices on site accordingly – so if you visit the site more than once and notice the costs increasing this is why! You can easily turn on a private web page by going to your settings and opening an ‘incognito’ window – you never know, it might save you a few pennies.

Be flexible

If you can be flexible about the day, time or even the month you fly, you could save serious money on the cost of your flight. Flying midweek is your best bet at saving money, with research finding that Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to fly, with savings of up to 11%[1]. Likewise, flying in the evening can save you some serious cash, if you’re willing to get to your destination later in the day. Utilise comparison tools such as Skyscanner to see where the biggest savings on your particular route are to be made.

Plan your currency 

Many of us make the mistake of leaving our holiday cash to the very last minute, but planning in advance can save you cash. Rates can fluctuate, so it’s a good idea to monitor currency for at least a month before you depart so you can purchase at a time when the rate is in your favour. Try to avoid purchasing currency at the airport, as rates can be a lot higher than on the high street. However, if you don’t have time to purchase in advance, most currency providers, including ICE, provide a home delivery and a click and collect service, allowing you to take advantage of online rates and collect at the airport before your flight – saving you time and money.

Stay in secret

After flights, accommodation can really eat into your holiday budget, especially if you want to stay somewhere a little more luxurious. If you’re not concerned about where exactly you stay, using a website which offers ‘secret hotels’ could be a great alternative and can save you hundreds off your holiday bill. Hotels will often cut prices to fill their empty rooms, but many don’t want to advertise these discounts in case it devalues their offering. Websites such as Hotwire and will allow you to find hotels in your chosen location and star rating, with the catch being you don’t know where you’re staying until after you’ve paid. A little unnerving maybe, but it could see you staying in a 5* hotel for the price of a 3*.

Make friends

Marketing emails can be annoying, but when it comes to travel, making friends with airlines and holiday companies can pay dividends. Brands will often host flash sales, run competitions or generally have great prices and offers that they only offer to loyal customers, so make sure you are signed up to all the mailing lists and are following them on social media. If you can’t stand the spam, redirect emails into one folder in your inbox and check back regularly, or create Twitter lists of your favourite brands to keep all potential offers in one place. You never know – you could spot a great sale or discount that you’d miss otherwise.

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