Mexico actively promotes tourism to UK holidaymakers


“A World of Its Own” campaign was inaugurated by the The Mexico Tourism Board during World Travel Market 2017 event.


The latest campaign targets British citizens choosing the amazing Mexico for their holidays, as the country aims to reposition itself in the global tourism market.

The advertisement is called “A World of Its Own” and promotes the diversity of Mexican destinations, while the country scored number eight in the “most visited countries in the world” top ten.

With more than half a million Britons choosing Mexico for their holidays last year, the North American nation’s travel industry registers constant growth, as experts estimate an average of 9 per cent visitor increase for each year.

“Mexico has a strong relationship with the UK – we enjoy welcoming British travelers as much as they enjoy visiting our country. This new campaign is a personal invitation to more UK travelers to immerse themselves in everything that Mexico has to offer. We constantly hear visitors tell us that Mexico is unlike anything they have experienced, it has colour, magic and sometimes surreal qualities. This new campaign seeks to capture these experiences and show that Mexico is truly ‘A World of Its Own’,” commented the Mexico Tourism Board’s CEO, Hector F. Santana.

For a vibrant, unforgettable leisure experience, visit Mexico and benefit the world’s top beaches, blue water cenotes, colorful rich markets, fascination of the Maya language, the jungle and the historical cultural sites, exquisite culinary tradition and worldwide famous hospitality of Mexican people.


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