Visit Valletta for a Winter Sun escape

Malta’s idyllic location in the sparkling Mediterranean offers a warm climate year-round. Just 3 hours from the UK, this friendly and mainly English-speaking island is the ideal winter sun escape.

Malta’s beautiful capital Valletta is the European Capital of Culture 2018 and this Autumn will see an exciting lead up to next year’s events and celebrations.

It’s a unique opportunity to experience Maltese culture in all its colourful forms, from music to theatre, poetry and art to a celebration of Valletta’s fascinating heritage.

An important part of Valletta’s culture, the city’s cafes, restaurants and wine bars serving local vintages offer a mouthwatering mix of flavours, combining hundreds of years of influences from Africa, Italy, the Mediterranean and Arabia to create a truly unique and delicious taste.

Whether you’re dining overlooking the Grand Harbour, or enjoying a quiet supper in a quaint bistro, when you visit Valletta this Autumn expect some truly spectacular experiences.

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