North Korea advertises “interesting labour tours”

The famine has triggered authorities here to promote tourism by offering tourists the chance of “understanding of the agricultural policy and farming culture of the country”.

Planting rice or carrying out agricultural activities might not be the best idea for a successful holiday opportunity.
Nevertheless, the officials in North Korea though that the experience can be unforgettable, as they are currently promoting “interesting labour tours” for tourists aiming to visit their communist country.

As the tensions between the West and the government in the northern peninsula were progressively on the rise lately, officials in NK have decided to introduce trips where people can work in the countryside, such as “manual rice-planting, weeding and fruit picking at the co-op farms or orchards in the country” and exploring the fields.

The North Korean tourism website explains that the project aims to show visitors the farming culture of the Asian country, as well as to present the locals’ life and daily habits.

Moreover, the extended drought and consecutive famine in the country left millions of people hungry, so the plain sight of poverty and totalitarianism might not be the ideal vacation a civilized tourist aims to experience.

But, despite the moral ans safety aspects of such visits, the Chinese seem to be very curious to see what exactly happens in North Korea, as they frequently travel from Dandong to see the poverty of their neighbors with their own eyes.

Due to the fact that 100.000 tourists are estimated to enjoy visiting North Korea every year, the Foreign Office has warned British citizens that “the security situation in North Korea can change with little notice” and people need to be extremely cautious if choosing such a trip.



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