Morpher Folding Helmet – the perfect gift for travelling cyclists

Giving a folding Morpher helmet for Christmas shows that you really do care for the cyclist in your life, it slips into a rucksack or suitcase and unlike non folding helmets takes barely any room in luggage. It is perfect for taking away on road trips, cycling holidays or even for popping in your bag for exploring city centres on bikes. There’ll be no more excuses for any cyclist not to wear a helmet because there is no room to pack them, wherever they travelling to in the world.

Morpher, the multi-award winning folding bike helmet which opens and closes in seconds and fits flat in a small bag, was invented to easily pack away when not in use. So, whether the cyclists in your life only cycle when they are on holiday, are regular commuters, bike share schemes user or just occasional weekend riders, Morpher solves the problem of them not wearing a helmet, whatever the reason.

90% of cyclists admit that they know how dangerous it is not to wear a helmet but they still don’t wear one, and an astonishing 83% of these say they won’t wear a one because they are inconvenient to carry around when not cycling.

Not only does Morpher open and close in seconds it also has an ingenious, easy to use, magnetic clasp that won’t pinch the skin. It is fully safety certified (with CE and CSPS certification) and has exceptional green credentials as practically all elements are recyclable.

Cycling is one of the most convenient ways of getting around a crowded city, increasing numbers of people are commuting to work or the station and many are hopping on and off bike share schemes which are now in every major city in the world.

A Morpher is a great gift, it’s convenient, and will help save lives. It was invented by Jeff Woolf OBE, a leading inventor and innovator who noticed that many people were not wearing helmets and when he found out why he was determined to find a solution.

“A Morpher helmet is the perfect Christmas present for someone you care about. My goal is to help keep people safe, and if Morpher can help protect heads of the ones you love against serious brain injury or worse, then it could be the best Christmas gift ever”, says Jeff Woolf OBE, inventor and CEO of Morpher.

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