Bitcoin exclusive deals offered by Japanese Travel Agency

H.I.S., one of the biggest travel companies in Japan, has announced it will accept bitcoin payments via Bitflyer for exclusive tour packages.

In order to mark the event, the agency will offer bitcoin-exclusive deals starting from September 23rd. The transactions will be supported by Bitflyer and will be limited to 2 million yen in the digital currency.

H.I.S. is a travel group located in Tokyo and specializes in offering its clients low-cost tours all over the world.

“The number of H.I.S. Group’s business offices has expanded to 295 in Japan and 230 overseas in 66 countries. The number of countries where offices are held is the largest in the world as a travel agency,” a company’s representative declared.

On the other hand, as stated by Coinhills, Bitflyer is the country’s largest bitcoin exchange company, offering bitcon processing services in different stores in Japan.

Currently in Japan, 38 stores accept bitcoin payments for their products and services, all located in Tokyo’s metropolitan area. More stores will join the project in the near future.

The H.I.S. launch event will be held on September 21st. During the promotion, the travel operator will offer 5.000 yen in bitcoins to the first 10 buyers, while on September 23rd some special bitcoin tour packages will benefit consistent sales.


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