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Vietnam is a beautiful country located on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean. When talking about Vietnam, most people first think of a country famous for war resistance. These are, however, but stories of the past. Now Vietnam is a country in which folks from all over come to enjoy their holidays, experiencing its beautiful natural scenery, country history, diverse culture and warm-hearted people.


A Vietnam Vacation is a must on anybody’s traveling list. Being an honest local travel expert, I would like to share my best experiences to make your Vietnam journey one that is meaningful and worth the value for every single cent you spend.

Firstly, Vietnam is a safe country for holidays in the Indochina region. Local people are very honest and enthusiastic. They are more than willing to lend you a hand if you are in need.

With my Travel Budget should I book my Vietnam Vacations through an OTA (Online Travel Agent) or a Local Agent?

Traveling costs in Vietnam are more than affordable. However, should you utilize an OTA or a local Agent? This issue is important because it directly involves your travel budget.

There are many booking platforms known as OTAs (online travel agents) that assist with booking hotel accommodations, cruise trips, and air tickets. These platforms are very useful, but are they safe as a booking procedure? Through these OTA’s, clients may think they are getting a cheap and good price.

Sometimes, however, the final service the client receives is less than the value they had paid for before they landed in the country. As everyone knows, Vietnam has been a free market since 1986 and is a developing country, so there is a very intensive competition to survive as a business.

Due to such factors, OTA platforms willingly push any business listing to the top ranks as long as the business accepts paying a high commission. Hence, even if the price charged is high, the final profit for businesses that utilize OTAs is still low or even in the negative.

So how do these businesses survive? Travel suppliers will earn money back by selling other services such as tickets, tour packages, shore excursions, cruise cabins, and visas. These travel suppliers are not tour organizers, but send bookings to other suppliers and sometimes even put tour groups together without notifying clients. Hence, through OTAs, a client’s satisfaction often does not meet expectations.

In addition, OTAs are not able to suggest any extra travel information related to culture and cultural sites and cannot determine prices on a case by case basis.

Lastly, Booking travel services through OTAs, which is an automated service, takes away work and income from local businesses.

Booking travel services with our Vietnam travel agency is highly recommended, because of the following reasons:

  • the travel services are cheaper because there is no middle man
  • flexibility to change travel schedules, services included
  • you can discuss your requirements and preferences. Freely talk with local travel experts, who will provide detailed answers to questions, offer suggestions and give valuable advice so that you can make the best out of your holiday time. They will fine-tune your tailor-made itinerary. Any of your requests will be cared for by our professional travel specialist from the beginning to the end. A detailed itinerary will be made based on your submitted requests. Please feel free to ask a travel specialist to make any changes, at any time!
  • lends a hand to build up better local communities
  • very flexible payment options. After the approval of the final travel itinerary, clients just need to pay 20-30% of the total cost as a deposit to reserve all the services related to their travel schedule. The rest will be collected upon arrival. In the meantime, just enjoy traveling around.
  • clients will be provided with a cellphone and a local Sim card that will help them communicate and get assistance anytime it is needed.

Have a nice holiday in Vietnam!

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