More chaos across European airports, as Spanish workers threaten to go on strikes

Holidaymakers from UK face difficulties while waiting in huge lines, after unions of airport staff in Spain threatened with a 25 days of strike period.

According to the CCOO, UGT AND USO unions demanding higher wages from Aena airports authority, the crisis could prolong for the 4 next months if the pay demands of the workers are not met by August 16.

The Development Ministry was informed about the planned protest in a document that appeared in the

Spanish media recently. According to the notification, if negotiation fail, the massive strike is scheduled between 15th of September and 30th of December, considerably impairing the peak travel during Christmas holidays.

As unionists claim, staff reductions are putting at risk the passengers’ safety. At the same time, private security at Barcelona’s El Prat (Ilunion company) have also threatened a strike starting on August 16. Moreover, border control staff from another private service provider (Eulen) will probably begin massive protests on 14th of August if their wage-related demands are not met.

All of these discontents have triggered long waiting queues at security checkpoints across the airport, which translates into disrupted traffic across all Europe, as El Prat is a major air travel hub.

The meetings between the unionists and Aena representatives will take place today, in an attempt to find a solution leading to a remediation in slow air traffic and infinite waiting lines.

As Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy points the finger to the Catalan government and the Catalans blame the central government in Madrid, the chaos in El Prat affects all passengers traveling through Europe, Britons included.



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