Chinese tourists choose Africa as a destination to escape heat

According to reports from travel agencies, the summer temperatures in China have determined many people to travel to Africa to cool down.

As reported by Ctrip, more than 30 million Chinese are expected to spend their summer holidays overseas, with more than 1 million attempting to escape the wave of heat in some parts of their country.

The latest data revealed by the Chinese Meteorological Administration shows that China has just went through the hottest month of July in the last 56 years, with the national average temperatures here rising to 23.2 degrees Celsius, 1.3 degrees Celsius up when compared to the past decades.

The hot weather hit most areas in the south of Qinling Mountains, the Huaihe River, Tonglu, Zhejiang province, Huoshan, Anhui province, and Chongqing, with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius.

As a consequence, Chinese citizens started to book African destinations in order to run away from the unusually high temperatures in many regions of China.

Ctrip’s Chief Marketing Officer Shi Yuduan commented on the situation:

“Popular overseas destinations for Chinese tourists to avoid the summer heat not only include countries that are well known for their comfortable temperatures during this season, such as Australia, New Zealand and Britain, but also include places that Chinese tourists know comparatively less about, like Africa.”

With many north-east Africans stating that they would be uncomfortable managing the hot weather in China now, the reservation numbers doubled from two months ago.

According to Shi Yuduan, another reason why Chinese travelers are so interested in African journeys is the price, as trips to Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa cost from 10.000 to 20.000 yuan for a week, which seems to attract plenty customers during the summer season. Moreover, the visa-free policy of Mauritius, Morocco and Tunisia, for instance, facilitate the Asian tourists’ flux.



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