Old Harland&Wolff’s office converts into Titanic Hotel

Belfast, Nothern Ireland will host the opening of the Titanic Hotel this September.

Scheduled on 10th of September, the long awaited inauguration event for the Titanic Hotel Belfast will take place in a breathtaking area of the city, in the historic Drawing Offices of the Harland&Wolff headquarter building, considered to be the “creative hub of Northern Ireland”. Featuring 119 luxurious rooms, the hotel attracted $36m investments.

Guests attending the event will have the chance to learn about Harland&Wolff history, as well as the iconic RMS Titanic ship and other 1700 exceptional vessels that were crafted by the company.

John Doherty, Group creative director at Harcourt Developments, commented:

“History and heritage helped build this hotel, and it can be seen in every aspect of the finish, from the carpet to the cornices. We are working with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Titanic Foundation to ensure Belfast’s illustrious shipbuilding legacy is told in true style.”

As reported by the organizers, the deluxe rooms of the hotel are already booked for the entire inaugural week, as guests are anxious to spend their leisure time enjoying the legacy of the Queen’s island.

Moreover, the hotel offers the opportunity of accessing the exhibition in the famous Drawing Offices, where the historical Harland&Wolff vessels were originally designed. Additionally, guests can discover the story of the building, free of costs, until mid-October.

The architecture of the Drawing Offices has been kept intact, in order to preserve the work of the team that built the iconic Titanic. The restorative works on the building used identical materials and kept the same design as the original, so the heritage of the most famous ship in the world could be passed on to future generations. Public tours of the establishment are also available.

The RMS Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff during 1909-1911 and owned by White Star Line. The ship was born as a result of the fierce competition at the time with the rivals from Cunard. The construction team was led by naval architect Thomas Andrews.

Titanic was launched at sea on 31 May 1911 and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg while voyaging from Southampton to New York City. More than 1.500 people died that day on the most iconic ship in history, as Titanic’s tragic story is today known as the most famous maiden voyage, one that fueled the imagination of writers and film-makers worldwide.

Nevertheless, RMS Titanic remains the most celebrated ocean liner and an amazing example of engineering, innovation and ambition.

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