European destinations still on top for the summer

According to travel agents, Europe is preferred among tourists despite the recent geopolitical tensions.


As the latest terror attacks in Paris and London were expected to trigger a decrease in the number of holiday sales in Europe, travel agents have reported continued rise in the number of people interested in visiting the continent, especially in the ones that come to European countries fir business.

“No matter what happens they go. Business people do not change their plans, and Paris and London remain popular for theater and fashion crowds. Sophisticated travelers do not get deterred. We had eight clients who traveled right after the most recent incident in London and none voiced any concern. Sometimes the best time to go is right after an incident when security is intense,” Jack Bloch from B’s World of Travel declared for the Travel Market Report.

Paris, for example, has seen a 15% rise in new clients. In addition, Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland, Iceland, Swiss Alps, Greek islands (with a peak in Mykonos, Santorini and Crete), Turkey and Italy also currently experience huge tourists’ invasions. Generally, a slight move towards southern destinations can be observed.

“I see some trends among our clients that seem to be reactions to the chaos you find around the world, such as [more] itineraries to the countryside and islands, where clients can seek out wilderness therapy and opportunities to disconnect,” Susan Farewell, owner of Farewell Travels added.

On the other hand, some of the agents claim the contrary.

According to Camille Pepe Sperrazza, director of The World Awaits Travel, violences in Europe and Zika outbreak in the Caribbean led to a decrease in summer holiday package sales, while the customers are more interested in autumn cruises, as “those who didn’t travel last year for whatever reason, are looking forward to getting away this year.”

To make sure they fully enjoy their time-off, clients this year prefer to take longer trips than usual, as the majority of bookings exceed the seven-day usual vacation.

In order to cover all requests, agents have found new beautiful places to visit. Customers that have not decided yet on the ideal location to spend their summer holidays can choose from a multitude of available offers, as interesting as the popular European destinations so far.

“We are offering alternatives––to Greece, Russia, Norway, Portugal and Iceland this summer. Also, we can suggest spending less time in the big cities and traveling outside the cities––to the south of France, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Scotland, Ireland,” Pacifico agency stated.

Nevertheless, all the agents surveyed by Travel Market Report have declared that they always offer safety advice to passengers traveling to Europe, such as staying away from crowds, reporting anything suspicious to local authorities and staying in touch with the security situation updates in each country of visit.

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