UK tourists invade the Balearic Islands

UK visitor numbers choosing the archipelago in eastern Spain as their favorite holiday destination is on the rise.

This year’s official figures show a 9.3 per cent increase in the number of UK tourists that visited the Balearic Islands during April (196.892 travellers). Moreover, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera islands have also registered similar boost in visitors.

As a result, the Balearic Islands Tourism Board decided to apply a new strategy in order to attract more tourists in the area also during other seasons, as explained by Pere Muñoz Perugorria, the general manager of the Board:

“The UK market is one of our strongest and it’s great to see such promising tourism arrivals for April 2017, which we are hoping will continue for the remainder of the year. We are looking forward to engaging with the UK travel trade with the ‘Better in Winter’ campaign and we are very proud to showcase our beautiful islands during the autumn, winter and spring months. It is a wonderful time to visit, with a more relaxed pace of life and less crowds, although there are still plenty of activities, festivals and events to enjoy at this time of year.”

Almost 3.7 million UK tourists have visited the island during last year, which translates into a 8.5 per cent increase when compared to 2015, with a 15.6 per cent increase in out-of-season arrivals from UK triggering the latest ‘Better in Winter’ program. The new “Better in Winter” approach takes toll on the advantages of visiting the area in a less crowded period of the year, as the island are more quite and more enjoyable during the autumn and winter seasons.

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