Rome takes measure to protect its fountains

Tourists visiting Rome will not be allowed to consume foods and drinks near the city’s fountains, in an attempt to put a stop to vandalism.

Sitting, climbing, throwing objects inside the water, bathing and consuming foods on or next to fountains in Rome will be fined with amounts as high as 240 euros ($270).

As recently announced by Mayor Virginia Raggi, the order protecting 40 historic fountains of the city aims at fighting back on high tourists vandalism incidence.

“Everyone must respect Rome’s beauty. We have to protect our city, decorum is important”, commented the Mayor, as police forces will continuously monitor the city’s sites in order to make sure the order gets respected.

The measures come after repeated incidents: Soccer fans damaging Bracccia, tourists swimming naked into Trevi Fountain, objects being thrown inside the monuments, fountains being drawn on and so on.

“I think it’s a great thing that we’re preserving a historical site. Not being able to consume food and drink here keeps it clean. Sad also, because it’s a lovely place for a family to come and sit down and enjoy lunch or a drink in such a beautiful spot,” a Spanish tourist commented on the controversial order.

The cleaning, repairing and protecting measures taken by Rome is an important step ahead, as the short government funds for monuments are notorious in Italy.

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