New U.S.A. restrictions on Cuba travel announced

President’s Trump administration will present the new policy 16th June 2017, during a meeting in Miami, Florida


New travel and trade restrictions on Cuba will be introduced by President Donald Trump, in an attempt to modify Barack Obama’s policy in this matter,just as promised in the election campaign. Although the diplomatic relations and commercial flights policy will not be changed, travel to Cuba will be furthermore restricted, in order to make sure the officials in Havana will not take advantage of the current situation.

“The new policy will empower the Cuban people. It does not target the Cuban people but the measures are designed to restrict the flow of money to oppressive elements of the Cuban regime”, the official White House statement quotes.

Obama’s policy, which ended an 50 years old embargo, is considered to have failed in the attempt to soften the communist regime in Cuba, despite traveling to the island has considerably increased thanks to the reopening of the air and sea connections.

According to the new regulations, future policy will be more rigorous. It is yet not clear if the former travel categories will remain the same or not, but the Trump administration promised to carefully monitor all tourism to the Caribbean nation. Moreover, the same officials pledge to review the regulations if the government in Havana complies with the reforms wanted by the U.S.A.

“We hope the Cuban regime will see this as an opportunity to institute reforms that they have paid lip service to,” a White House official commented.

Details on the implementation are expected from the Treasury and Commerce departments in the next period.

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