Top 10 things to do in Kiev

Saint Sophia Cathedral

1.  Visit St. Sophia Cathedral and climb the belfry

Known for its beautiful architecture, St. Sophia Cathedral is a popularly visited landmark in Kiev. When you visit the Cathedral, be sure to see the Bell Tower, ornamented in white stucco molding and a brilliant turquoise background. The tower is complete with 20 bells; the most famous of these being the Mazepa Bell, commissioned by Hetman Ivan Mazepa. This bell is located on the second tier of the tower and weighs 13 tons!

  • Entrance fee: 70 UAH
  • Excursion: 500 UAH (English language)
  • 24 Volodymyrska Str.

2.  Make a wish near the fountain in the courtyard of St. Michael’s Monastery

Dedicated to the patron saint of Kiev, Archangel Michael, St. Michael’s Monastery was built in the early 12 century. In the courtyard of St. Michael’s Monastery you will find the Wish Fountain. It is predicted that if you wet a coin and it sticks to the fountain, your wish will come true. One could claim that the secret lies in the surface force, but it is you who decide whether to trust the mysterious power of the fountain or not.

  • Free entrance
  • 8 Triokhsviatytelska Str.

3.  Walk along Andrew’s Descent (Andriivskyi Uzviz)

Being one of the oldest streets in Kiev, Andrew’s Descent connects Kiev’s uptown with the historic commercial district. The descent was likely originated in the 18 century after St. Andrew’s Church. Andrew’s Descent is often called “Kiev Montmartre”. Today, it is a major tourist attraction, widely known for selling paintings, folk art, and souvenirs.

  • Free entrance
  • “Kontraktova” metro station; or from St. Michael’s Monastery to Desiatynna Str.

4.  Visit the deepest metro station in the world – “Arsenalna”

Currently, the deepest metro station in the world can be found in Kiev. “Arsenalna” station is located 150 metres below ground. This is attributed to Kiev’s geography where the high bank of the Dnipro River rises above the rest of the city. It is believed that it is an absolute world record among other subway stations. “Arsenalna” was opened in 1960 and is among one of the first metro stations to be built in Kiev. The station got its name after Arsenal factory located nearby.

  • Entrance fee: 2 UAH
  • Metro station “Arsenalna”

5.  Kiss your sweetheart on the Lovers’ Bridge

Built in 1910, this pedestrian bridge connects Khreshchatyi and Miskyi Park. Actually called “Parkovyi Bridge”, it is more commonly referred to as “Lovers’ Bridge”. Here you will find happy couples celebrating their romance by locking inscribed padlocks onto the bridge to secure their love forever.

  • Free entrance
  • Petrivska Alley

6.  Play chess with grandmasters or read a book in T. Shevchenko Park

Whether in the warm summer or brisk winter, you will always find chess players in Taras Shevchenko Park. You can join and try your hand at playing chess, too. In addition, “Free Library” has recently appeared in the park. If you like reading in the open air under the rays of the bright sun, this place is for you.

  • Free entrance
  • 60 Volodymyrska Str., opposite to T. Shevchenko University

7.  Walk along Landscape Alley

Opened in May 2011, this park is a must-see attraction for the residents and visitors of Kiev. The park consists of creative sculptures and imaginative art installations created by Ukrainian designers. Unique, captivating, modern, and beautiful are only some words that can be used to describe the sculptures in the park.

  • Free entrance
  • 2 Volodymyrska Str. – 34 Velyka Zhytomyrska Str.

8.  Visit Museum of Miniatures and see the masterpieces of Mykola Siadrystyi

Visit the Museum of Miniatures and see the masterpieces of the talented Mykola Siadrystyi. Siadrystyi was able to create fine-scale miniatures, some smaller than a poppy seed, with incredible detail and accuracy. The most popular work of Ukrainian master is a shoed flea which is made of gold. Its width is 60 microns (the diameter of a human hair). Siadrystyi’s works are so small, they can be seen only under a microscope.

  • Entrance fee: 10 UAH
  • 9 Lavrska Street, the museum is located in the territory of National Kiev-Pechersk Historical Cultural Preserve

9.  Go roller skating in Mariinskyi Park

Mariinskyi Park is famous not only for Mariinskyi Palace, but is also a meeting place for Kiev skaters and skateboarders of all ages. Either alongside the Dynamo stadium or opposite to the open-air theatre, you can always find young skaters zooming past. Even if you do not skate, you can walk down the shady paths or relax by looking at the beautiful fountains that fill Mariinskyi Park.

  • Free entrance

10.  Taste Chicken Kiev in one of the local restaurants

Chicken Kiev is a popular breaded cutlet dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold garlic butter with herbs, then breaded and either fried or baked. Ukrainian in origin, this dish is named after the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. Try delicious Chicken Kiev in any city restaurant which offers Ukrainian national cuisine.

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