Green, clean and serene! The island of Tobago

Pigeon Point, Tobago

THE smaller sister island to Trinidad, Tobago offers visitors a relaxing authentic Caribbean experience that is unlike any other.

From its under-developed pristine and remote beaches, to its well-defined protected rain forest, this is a tropical paradise that will live long in the memory. Join the locals for the relaxed weekly open air street party of Sunday school in Buccoo, or at the annual goat and crab races that have become a tradition that is unique to this little island. Tobago boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the Caribbean, with the likes of Englishman’s Bay, the village of Parlatuvier and the unbelievable Pigeon Point all vying for the attention of guests, whilst the stunning blue waters of the Nylon Pools are not to be missed. Diving is a huge draw for guests to the island, with the largest known brain coral on earth, giant leatherback turtles and hundreds of tropical fish making for some magnificent views beneath the surface. Tobago has so much to see and do that it is sure to draw you in again and again.

Naturally Beautiful

Touched gently by time, Tobago’s natural beauty is simply awe-inspiring. Scenic drives on accessible terrain through the flat coral plains of the South-West and hills of the Northern and Eastern ends of the island will reveal delightful images. Turtle-watching, snorkelling and diving reveal many of the natural treasures of the sea. And there are many secluded waterfalls and our award-winning Main Ridge Rainforest Reserve, home to ancient canopies of verdant green, over 220 species of bird and diverse wildlife.

A Playful Paradise

Packed with natural beauty and hidden charms, Tobago’s playful side is sure to satisfy! From horse-riding, ATV’s, zip-lining, hiking, golf, ‘pulling-seine’ (catching fish) with the locals, endless water sports, gourmet dining, street parties, cultural theatre, goat and crab racing and even our unique harvest celebration where you can move from ‘house-to-house’ to enjoy food and drink ‘Tobago style.’ Indeed a playful paradise, offering an array of exciting things to do and see.

Ideal Water Sport Destination

Whatever your level of experience, sailing and all other water-based activities can be fun and exhilarating in Tobago. The island offers the classic Caribbean ingredients of warm clear water, secluded bays and fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving sites, with predictable trade winds and spectacular coral reef making Tobago a great destination for those who yearn for the sea and like to get salty!

Scuba Diving

Whatever your level of experience, Tobago offers a variety of dive sites around the whole island. From more leisurely not too demanding dives along the Caribbean coast and around the western peninsula, to more demanding deeper and drift dives around the eastern Speyside area. With strong beautiful coral and an array of marine life, scuba diving is a must in Tobago.

Uncrowded Beaches

In Tobago, idyllic and isolated beaches are within reach of most hotels, resorts and B&B’s. Sun worshipers and sea bathers can have their pick of pristine beaches where they can swim, surf or soak in solitude. The island is dotted with many uncrowned and idyllic coves and bays. Some are closely guarded secrets that friendly locals will share if asked; other more popular areas are easier to find and won’t disappoint.

Cocoa Country

In 2005, the Tobago Cocoa industry was revitalised through the vision of a young Tobagonian and sommelier named Duane Dove. Nestled in the green hills of Roxborough, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Tobago Cocoa Estate grows a variety known as “fine” or “flavour” cocoa. The holy grail of cocoa used to make much of the world’s best chocolate. Sweet dreams!

Truly Authentic

Tobago still offers an authentic Caribbean experience. You are not allowed to build higher than a coconut tree! Land by boat or plane, kick off your shoes and head North or East to experience nature and life as it was. Slow down. Enjoy local fruit drinks or hot tasty treats from a dirt oven. Dance with locals. Get around by bicycle or bus.

Laidback & Inviting

Life’s a breeze on Tobago. Except for the Western end of the island, where development is apace; life is slow, scenic and offers a soothing ‘get-away-from-it-all atmosphere.’ This treasure of an island has long remained ‘under the radar’ and so its people, rich culture and largely unknown and unspoilt terrain serve to intrigue those seeking the ideal private Caribbean escape. You won’t find any paparazzi hiding in trees, but keep an eye out for the Red Howler Monkeys.

Warm & Friendly

As if Tobago’s natural beauty, pristine waters, living culture and delectable culinary offerings aren’t enough to draw visitors, Tobago is also home to some of the warmest, friendly and welcoming human beings. Tobagonians are proud of their piece of paradise and will do whatever they can to ensure that you love it as much as they do.

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