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The Rock of Gibraltar lies less than three hours from the UK in the heart of the Mediterranean Europe. A truly unique and historic destination, the Rock’s colourful history unravels from every corner.

Gorham’s Cave, its sister caves and surrounding cliffs, have been recently inscribed onto UNESCO’s World Heritage list recognising the destination as one of the universal markers of the known world in ancient times.

Today, visitors ramble around the café society of the city centre, surrounded by Gibraltar’s unique architecture a mix of Mediterranean, Moorish and British Regency style buildings.

Gibraltar is a VAT-free jurisdiction and offers some of the best value shopping around. The Gibraltar Pound, is equivalent to UK Sterling, so there is no costly currency conversion for visitors from the United Kingdom. Best buys include cosmetics and perfumery, jewellery, tobacco and spirits, designer glass frames, specialist linens and electronics.

Gibraltarians love food, and there are an abundance of restaurants and districts to choose, from the buzz of Casemates Square to the laid-back environments of Ocean Village and Queensway Quay the Rock’s stylish marinas.

Explore the Upper Rock and take in St Michael’s Cave with its awe-inspiring stalagmites and stalactites, the Great Siege Tunnels that form part of the honeycombed inside of the limestone Rock, and marvel at the Moorish Castle.

Wildlife is in abundance from the famous Barbary macaque monkeys to the 3 species of dolphin out in the Bay of Gibraltar and unprecedented species of birds which use Gibraltar on their migration to warmer climes.

The Rock’s warm climate and natural dramatic settings have led to a rise in couples choosing to wed in Gibraltar. They follow in the footsteps of Yoko Ono to John Lennon and Sean Connery who married twice on the Rock. Under local law visitors are required to stay one night only in Gibraltar, so with pre-planning you can marry during a short stay.

Gibraltar’s nightlife is filled with numerous lively bars and restaurants that stay open into the early hours.

After dinner, stop off at any one of the trendy bars, many offering live music, for a late night drink. Alternatively, if you fancy a little more glamour and sophistication, head back to Ocean Village to the international casino club for a flutter at the tables and take in the breathtaking evening views across the Bay of Gibraltar.

As you retire for your last night, you’ll be wishing you had one day more, there’s still much to explore.

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