Tenerife has it all

Nature, sport, relaxation, leisure, beaches… whatever you are looking for, Tenerife has got it.

It is the largest of the Canary Islands and, quite rightly, the main destination.

What is more, Tenerife is easy to get to being the only one to have two international airports, which means that it is no more than between two and four hours flying time from the Spanish mainland and the rest of Europe.

Tenerife is the island of a thousand experiences. You can get lost in nature, relax on the beach, climb Teide, go shopping, see a show, walk the old town cobbles, have fun at a theme park, play golf.

It has the most authentic carnival, it has the highest peak in Spain, and the annual average temperature is 22 degrees.

Most of the island’s tourist activity takes place in three areas.

The South is a peculiar contrast between country villages in the mountains, magnificent beaches and a range of exclusive accommodation on the coast.

The Metropolitan Area contains much of the Island’s shopping and cultural life.

The North combines stunning landscapes with the island’s most genuine gastronomy and hidden corners.

You can do anything you feel like any day of the year thanks to Tenerife’s climate, natural surroundings and tourist infrastructure which is designed for fun for all the family.

The island boasts eight golf courses where you can play all year round.

If wildlife is your thing why not go whale watching. The south west coast of Tenerife is a spectacular spot for catching sight of the big beasts of the sea including baleen whales, killer whales, pilot whales and blue whales.

On land, take a trip to the Teide National Park and Spain’s highest mountain.

At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain’s highest peak and its two ecosystems make the climb an experience full of contrasts.

Local guides will ensure you get an in-depth experience and the mountain refuge is the spot for superb dawn views.

Siam Park is Europe’s biggest water park with incredible features modelled on Thai architecture.

With water slides up to 28 metres high and lush tropical vegetation it’s an unmissable experience.

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