Unspoilt Tobago

Want to get married somewhere that reminds you of how the Caribbean used to be, unspoilt and secluded? Try Tobago.

This tiny island in the southern Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Venezuela and guarded by its big sister Trinidad is a throwback to the truly idyllic days of holidays in this part of the world.

Unspoiled, deserted beaches of pristine white sand, clear blue water as far as the eye can see and a real sense of discovering what it really means to be Caribbean.

Tobago is just eight miles wide and 26 miles long, and it takes little time to cover the whole island. The charm of Tobago is the lack of infrastructure. This is how the Caribbean is meant to be.

One of the most popular wedding venues is Englishman’s Bay. Often deserted, it provides a picture-perfect location set on a long sandy beach, framed by trees and lapped by the warm Caribbean waters. Unforgettable memories for your special day.

Another popular choice is at Pigeon Point. With its white-sand beach, it is naturally a popular choice, but given its popularity with bathers, don’t expect total privacy. For raw, natural beauty you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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