Edinburgh Trams

Scotland’s Capital welcomed Edinburgh Trams back onto its roads at 5am on 31 May 2014 after a gap of over 50 years. Trams offer passengers a new route between Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh City Centre and form part of the Transport for Edinburgh group alongside Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Bus Tours.

The city has embraced the new service – new figures show that there were approximately 4.92 million passenger journeys on Edinburgh Trams during its first year of operation. This is around 370,000 ahead of the target set before launch.

The 14 km tram route takes in 15 stops and travelling from Edinburgh Airport to the city centre typically takes less than 35 minutes. Trams enjoy automatic priority at traffic lights making for more consistent journey times than other road traffic.

Trams are 100% wheelchair accessible and less able passengers can access all tram stops along the entire tram route.

Edinburgh Trams received a 95% overall customer satisfaction rating following an independent UK wide survey by Passenger Focus and operated with 99% service reliability. This means that reliability and satisfaction levels are among the top performing public transport operators in the UK.

How to Travel on Tram

There are three ways to use tram:

  1. Validate your pre-paid smart card (Ridacard and citysmart) on a platform validator BEFORE travel
  2. Activate your single m-ticket, bought from the FREE Transport for Edinburgh m-ticketing app by scanning a QR code on the tram platform BEFORE travel
  3. Buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine BEFORE travel. Please note ticket vending machines do not accept bank notes and do not give change.

Please be aware different fares apply for travel in the city centre and Airport Fare Zone.

Concession cards issued by The City of Edinburgh Council are valid on tram. Scottish National Entitlement cards that do not have this council as the issuing local authority are not valid on Edinburgh Trams. However, visual impairment concession cards issued by any local authority are valid. Concession cards should be validated on a platform validator BEFORE travel.

Ticketing Services Assistants are available on board trams to answer questions. They do ask passengers to present a validated smart card/ activated m-ticket/ valid paper ticket. Failure to do so will mean the on-board fare of £10 will apply.


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