Discover Maribor

Visit the green jewel of genuine cultural heritage, famous events, culinary delights and unspoilt nature – it hasn’t been discovered nor damaged by mass tourism yet!

Maribor is a destination where you will be captivated by hospitable people, local cuisine, fine wines and numerous attractions at your every step. Throughout the year, you can visit many cultural events and festivals that enrich everyday lives.

The city by the Drava River offers families, couples and individuals a number of unforgettable experiences. The route leads you through green city parks, along an idyllic path by the Drava River, through the wine-growing regions and along hiking trails, while the more adventurous can visit the adventure parks in Betnava or on Pohorje.

Diverse culture, history and the oldest vine in the world

In the 22 municipalities you can visit many natural, cultural and historical attractions. Moreover, scions of the oldest vine in the world are planted in numerous municipalities. The vine is located in front of the Old Vine House, in the oldest part of Maribor – Lent. There you can awaken your taste buds with excellent wines, offered by wine growers from the surrounding wine regions. You can also attend wine events, such as the Vine Pruning, Old Vine Festival or Wine & Culinary Evening.

Maribor is rightly proud of the oldest vine in the world. After all, it was confirmed by experts and was even entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Life along the river

The Drava River encouraged the rapid development of the city. The river was used by many rafters who are still well respected today. Thanks to its development and care, the Drava River offers various opportunities for tourist activities, such as boat rides, kayaking and canoeing, water scooter rides, etc.

Green in the heart of nature

Adventure freaks can go to nearby Pohorje and cycle down the forest paths all the way to the cable car station. Those who prefer nature walking can easily find a suitable path. Winter on Pohorje is idyllic. That is when Pohorje is visited by numerous skiers and boarders. You can also pamper yourself in many hotels, as the mountain wellness offer is developing intensively.

Top Events

Lent Festival

(late June)
The Lent Festival is the largest Slovenian outdoor festival and one of the largest in Europe. It takes place at the end of June and beginning of July, changing Maribor into the social centre of youth, relaxation and creativity.

Maribor Festival

(beginning of September)
The Maribor Festival was first organised in 1964. In recent years, the programme has been slightly changed. Under the leadership of the exceptional violinist, conductor and composer, Richard Tognetti, the festival maintains its own production, programmes and ensembles. The foundation of the Maribor Festival Orchestra has added symphonic works to the programme.

Old Vine Festival

(beginning of September)
The Old Vine Festival concludes the series of events from the old vine pruning to St Martin’s Day. The event is organised in honour of the old vine, the oldest vine in the world, which symbolises the rich wine culture of Maribor and the surrounding wine regions.

Maribor Theatre Festival

The Maribor Theatre Festival is the central, oldest and most prestigious theatre festival in Slovenia. At the end of the festival, the jury hands out the awards for the best performance, actors, directing and other artistic achievements.

St Martin’s Day

St Martin’s Day is celebrated in Maribor as a tribute to autumn and the new, young wine. It takes place together with the ceremonial baptism of cider. More than a thousand visitors gather in the Leon Štukelj Square and enjoy the rich cultural and entertainment programme as well as a wide range of wines and dishes. A number of tourist farms and vineyards present themselves every year.

From 1st June 2015, Maribor will be connected with London Southend Airport. The flight will operate on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from June through until October.

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