Discover the ‘golden age’ of sail with Star Clippers

FOR a cruising experience with a difference, look no further than Star Clippers. Operating three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels, the company’s unique cruising concept offers passengers an authentic sailing experience, with all the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht.

Step aboard one of Star Clippers’ three tall ships, Royal Clipper, Star Clipper and Star Flyer, for a voyage to remember. These ships are a shining example to other ships of their kind, cutting through the water with all the grace of a bird in full flight. Their Clipper heritage is reflected in every inch of their polished brass and gleaming brightwork, while the comfort and elegance of their opulent dining rooms and outdoor tropical bars are reminiscent of travelling on a private yacht.

The perfect balance of maritime nostalgia and modern cruising, passengers are invited to help raise the sails, learn how to tie a knot and can visit the open bridge any time they please. The more adventurous can go so far as to lie in the bowsprit net suspended above the rushing sea or climb the mast to the Crow’s Nest for stunning panoramic views as they sail.

Life on board

This is not cruising in the ordinary sense. Aboard Star Clippers, you will find that there are no rigid schedules. You are free to do as you wish with your days and evenings. Local performers may be brought on board to entertain, giving passengers an authentic taste of the local music and arts of their current destination.

You’ll enjoy the conviviality of fellow shipmates while a live band plays tropical tunes from a real-life paradise. The Captain and crew are superb improvisers of the kind of light-hearted fun you’ll only find on Star Clippers. The Captain’s daily briefing on deck is wonderfully informative, and a chance to hear some great story-telling as well. And there are other events and activities during the day and night that have evolved from Star Clippers’ sailing heritage. In fact, past passengers say that it’s the easy-going informality of Star Clippers that makes a cruise with them so special.

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