Deauville – The heart of Normandy

EXPERIENCING Deauville means walking along the Boardwalk with the sea for a garden, discovering its architecture which is protected and valued, in a resort where everything is accessible on foot or by bicycle.

It means playing golf in the heart of Normandy, setting sail on the Estuary, witnessing the unforgettable spectacle of a horse race, a polo match or an equestrian competition.

It means attending a concert or a show, discovering the new talents of Asian and American cinema or of classical music, attending a prize-giving for a young photographer or a writer.
It means wandering round the elegant shops or the market.

Born from the sand and the sea

Deauville has always loved the sound of waves, the cry of seagulls and the shape of sails swollen by the wind. There is something for everyone to do here to relax or to experience the sea in a different way, from sand-sailing to a catamaran trip, or simply sitting in a deckchair gazing at the sea.

An open air museum

Ever since its founding, Deauville has enriched its heritage. When you wander round the resort, villas, manors and other extraordinary buildings rise up before you, presenting a wide variety of architectural styles. For 2015, these buildings which are there just waiting to be discovered have been preserved and promoted.

A cultural place

If the town is often associated with the horse, it shines and attracts numerous artists. In part or at the origin of this excitement, fashion creators, photographers and movie-makers, as the impressionists of old, found in Deauville an inspiration influenced by the sea, the light, and the atmosphere. This creative spirit today inspires Deauville to open a cultural policy, privileging the discovery, the sharing and the learning, around six international events: Asian and American film festivals, Easter Festival and Musical August Festival (classical music), the Cultural season with around 20 shows, a Book & Music Festival and Planche(s) Contact (photo festival).

A passion for horses

Horses have left their mark on the history of Deauville right from the early days. Today, an international horse showcase, Deauville’s two racecourses and its Pôle International du Cheval (equestrian centre) host: races seven months of the year, auctions, a polo world championship, a training centre, jumping and dressage competitions. Horse-riding schools and pony clubs are also open all year round for tuition or just a ride along the beach.

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