Košice, Slovakia – A real treasure

THE city of Košice is a real treasure among Slovak cities. Here are 11 reasons why you should fall in love with Košice.

This offer is for everyone who’s interested not only in history, but wants to experience urban adrenaline, unique cultural events or just to have a lot of fun. All of this and much more is offered by the city that will prove to you that it truly deserves to be the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia!

1. The Old Town

Enjoy the captivating atmosphere of the Old Town – the largest historical reservation in Slovakia. The lively Hlavná street and magical neighbouring alleys make up the true heart of Košice, which is a place with a unique atmosphere, soul and love. Discover the monumental buildings of the Cathedral and other churches, as well as palaces, charming nooks, synagogues and places with unsettling history…Get involved in stories that no other city can offer.

2. Jewish memories

Once, the city of Košice was an important city in Slovakia with a large Jewish community; get to know it from this point of view as well. Schools, synagogues, a prayer room, the ritual bath mikveh and the so-called “Jewish casino“, are all fragments of exciting Jewish sights in Košice. These are the memories of a prominent community’s life that was violently interrupted in 1944. Discover stories written by personalities, life and cruel fate on the background of locations that do not forget.

3. True to our reputation and entertainment

It‘s well known in Slovakia, that you can have the most fun in the “East“ – in Košice! Choose how you want to enjoy life with the locals: a pleasant afternoon or evening on the terraces of cafés on Hlavná street, in local pubs, in wine shops with the best offer of wines (including special ones from the Tokaj region), or partying until the morning in local clubs where nights never end…

4. Urban adrenaline

Adrenaline experiences right in the city can charge you up with positive energy. What will you choose? Water skiing, whitewater kayaking, summer bobsled riding or a meeting with dinosaurs? Experience a flight into the heights in a balloon, when the whole city lies under your feet! There’s no way you can be bored in Košice!

5. Spiritual beauty

Discover the spiritual side of Košice through the heritage of many religions.

Saint Elizabeth’s Cathedral – the most significant sight of the region – will take your breath away and leave you in awe. This landmark with its unique features and the majestic observation tower is a place that is visited by thousands from all around the world. This atmosphere of spiritual Košice is complemented by several churches, chapels and prayer rooms belonging to different religions which have been living in harmony since one can remember. Discover their enchantment!

6. Back to the Middle Ages

Go back in time – into the Alley of Crafts – where the potter will make you clay cutlery, the baker will offer fresh bread, the herbalist will give you healing herbs and the blacksmith horseshoes for luck. Engage in the stories of the local executioner, visit his apartment, the old jail, traditional markets, underground gates and town walls, that protected the city for centuries. Conclude your trip to Middle Ages by feasting in stylish restaurants found in cellars.

7. Open yourself to experiences

We will take you to special places in order to experience something extraordinary…we guarantee that these places will always remain in your heart!

Into the tropical paradise in the centre of the city, up the observation tower close to the Košice castle, on the steam locomotive called Katka that cruises through the valley, or to the wooden house on top of a block of flats. We guarantee, that these places will always remain in your heart.

8. The city of culture

The legacy of the city of culture remains, stimulates and blends the reality, vision and dreams, opens every artistic world…Take a look, get inspired and entertain yourself.

Museums and galleries, exhibitions and installations, events and white nights… Košice is a centre of culture. Street art decorates the city, artists work with public space, pop art and creativity carries through the city. Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the Kunsthalle that is created from an unusual space of an old city swimming pool, or by the cultural centre found in the place of old barracks.

9. Steel reality

Be drawn into the world of scientists and technicians who live for science.

A steel plant, U.S. Steel Košice, is a giant, that has been contributing to the overall picture of the city for decades now. Get to know its legacy and the story of steel in Steel Park, a unique creative factory. Continue your technical research in the Technical museum and the Aviation Museum that follow the industrial progress.

10. The oldest marathon in Europe

The weekend when life in the city stops for a few hours and is taken over by the joy of running and personal victories. Come and join it!

Since 1924, the first weekend of October has belonged to the Košice marathon! Truth is, that you can experience a number of events in Košice almost every weekend – festivals of food, wine, beer, art, music, theatre and dance, but there’s nothing that competes with one weekend of the year! The one, when thousands run through the city and thousand others cheer for them.

11. Trips to see the beauties of the region

The city of Košice is undoubtedly a beautiful city with impressive history, but how about discovering the countryside around it?

The region of eastern Slovakia boasts architectural pearls, proofs of human rationale, that have been charming people for centuries. The sight of unique wooden chapels built without a single nail, the medieval square of Bardejov or the monumental monastery in Jasov will definitely leave you in awe. Nevertheless, aside of people, nature has created the longest lasting jewels since one can remember. The natural reserve of Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj), the High Tatra mountains (Vysoké Tatry), or Pieninské mountains are only a few examples of universal artistic pieces, that impress everyone with their majesty and beauty.

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