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Bergamo, Italy, Gorge Walking

JUST less than 2 hours flying time from London, and you are at the Milan – Orio al Serio airport, just 2.5 miles from the beautiful city of Bergamo.

If sport and nature are your cup of tea, why not spend a few days on Bergamo’s lakes and valleys? Try your hand at windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing and canoeing on Lake Iseo, or perhaps you’d prefer mountain-biking and trekking on its many Orobie Prealps trails.

Summer, an abundance of sports

After the winter freeze, the warm days of summer are perfect for rock climbing. The best known place for this activity is the great rock face of Cornalba in the Serina Valley.

Speleology can also be considered a climbing activity, even though it is the opposite direction, and there are various associations involved in exploring the underground depths. The Orobie mountains are abundant with natural caves, some of which are extremely interesting and very deep.

Canyoning is also practised in the Orobie mountains, often in places that are wild and inaccessible, but exciting for those who dare.

From caves and remote places to the wide open spaces of the sky: the uplands that overlook the large areas of the plain where warm air currents rise are ideal for paragliding and hang gliding. There are numerous schools and well-known “take-off” points, including Valcava, the hills of San Fermo and Mount Bronzone. The historical gliding club in Valbrembo is popular with enthusiasts.

Another popular mountain sport is trekking, but horse riding also offers the opportunity to follow interesting and adventurous routes in the midst of nature.

The active lake

Lake Iseo is well equipped with modern sports facilities and equipment for many sporting activities, including sailing, canoeing and water skiing. The most popular sport is in fact sailing, and the numerous associations and schools have produced European champions and sailors who have competed in world-class events and the Olympics.

Another sporting activity on the water is windsurfing, and in certain places on the lake a stiff breeze enables this activity to be practised at high levels.
For those who love more relaxing activities, Lake Endine is abundant with fish and hosts various fishing tournaments and competitions. Its calm waters are also the perfect place for canoeing, even at competitive levels.


People who enjoy golf and love wide open countryside will find courses of an excellent level in the foothills of the Bergamask mountains, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. And if the weather is bad, there’s even an indoor golf range in Bergamo.

The best known course is at Albenza Golf Club, situated in the Romanesque area of Almenno S. Bartolomeo. This historic and challenging course is set in a beautiful landscape surrounded by conifers and broad-leaved woodland. The golf club has a course of 27 holes, designed by the renowned British partnership of Cotton & Sutton, which features several small greens that are well protected by trees and water courses.

La Rossera Golf Club is set in an enchanting natural environment among the vineyards and fruit orchards of Chiuduno. The course is hilly and, although only 9 holes, is very challenging due to the many out-of-bounds areas and the position of its greens.

The Parco dei Colli Golf Club is the city golf course. It is situated on the hills below Città Alta and offers a unique panorama. The course, although only 9 holes, offers different obstacles, such as bunkers, ponds and strategic out-of-bounds areas.

Finally the Presolana Golf Club, a practice range at an altitude of 1,200 metres, is situated in a pass dominated by the dolomitic Presolana mountain and surrounded by the dense pine forests of the Monte Pora ski resort. The well-equipped Indoor golf range in Mozzo, just a stone’s throw from Bergamo, is ideal for practising all year round.

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