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The Iceland Off Road Academy takes 4×4 training into the Icelandic Highlands.

Many people are interested in 4×4 driving because it opens up a world of nature’s untouched beauty that few get to see.

Iceland has long been a leader in the 4×4 world and culture for good reason: most of the country is rugged and exceptionally beautiful.

A few years ago you might have seen Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear team driving an Icelandic modified 4×4 in Iceland and to the magnetic North Pole.

A drive on a typical highland track can mean traversing mud, pits and deep potholes, sand, rocks and scree, unbridged rivers, steep hills, hairpin bends—not to mention snow and ice—but it takes you to some amazing places.

In Iceland, there’s no shortage of challenge and now you can attend an off road training course, where you can learn everything you need to know about 4x4s.

Theory and practice enhance your understanding of Off Road techniques.

Train for the Terrain

The Iceland Off Road Academy was formed by a team of internationally acknowledged experts to teach the special skills needed in 4×4 driving. Isafold Travel joined forces with Nature Explorer to provide the training, and with ISAK 4×4 Rental who supply the specially modified Land Rover Defenders.

The next course will start in October and bookings are now being taken.

Iceland Off Road Academy is located at Reykjavik south shore close to – and with a clear view of the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano, where on cloudless nights the Northern Lights are also frequently seen.

A Blend of Theory and the Practical

The courses begins with a short but thorough theory class covering basic driving and handling techniques, followed by the first off road driving.

In the six day course the emphasis is on training that enables you to drive the various terrains: mud, sand, dunes, side-slopes, steep banks, snow and rivers and dealing with the unexpected hazards that can come up on highland tours.

Practising getting unstuck, digging or towing out, repairing a flat tyre, tyres that come off the rim or mechanical problems, learning techniques for driving in a highland wilderness that can be applied worldwide.

The first days of learning are then put into practice during the last two days of the course, driving a challenging highland day tour and finally heading back to the capital on mountain trails to enjoy Reykjavik’s culture before either extending your stay or flying out the following day.

Ad hoc courses for groups or individuals can also be arranged and tailored to their individual needs.

Drive the World’s Wildernesses

This course will give you confidence and knowledge of how to drive in any terrain and handle situations should things go wrong. The world’s wildernesses will be open for you to enjoy.

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